3/2010: Neuroscience and Ethics


Current Issues

  • A.-M. Fantini
    The “Culture of Life” in the US under Obama
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  • J. M. Giménez Amaya, S. Sánchez-Migallón
    Anthropological and Ethical Dilemmas in the recent Development of Neuroscience
    > Abstract
  • M. A. Pastor
    New Perspectives on the Interpretation of Human Brain Images
    > Abstract
  • G. Rager
    Brain and Free Will
    > Abstract
  • G. Schiepek
    Freiheit und Verantwortung – ein neurowissenschaftlicher Diskurs
    > Abstract
  • L. E. Echarte Alonso
    Soft and Hard Mind-Brain Enhancement and the Problem of Human Nature
    > Abstract
  • R. Wilcox
    Neuroscience and Culture: A Virtue Centred Approach
    > Abstract
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